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■Episode of the Church in 2017(※ I translated it to google. I am sorry for it being difficult to read)

■12月22日(金)~Christmas dinner party · candle service night/24日(日) Christmas celebration worship( NEW!!)■

The saints assembled and cooked international cuisine in a pot rack format (insertion-in), and Christmas party party was held with consciousness of decoration (table coordination). After that there was a gift exchange party. The priests that the moderator brothers and sisters raise in numbers randomly, and everyone bought it as a present. I enjoyed it from an infant to a person whose age was called. Then celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus with candle service. The main day worship service on 24th was a Christmas celebration service. Children of the lamb class directed the Jews at the time and did the Holy Plays (birthplace) of Jesus. The choir also sang hymns and devoted themselves to the Lord. I thank the Lord

■12月3日(日)、17日(日)、23日(日)~Brothers and sisters special praise concert( NEW!!)■

We organized a gospel concert made with brothers and sisters in the season of Christmas. The first one was Christmas live by brothers. We also showed off the original praise and sang such as "wrapped in the love of the Lord" "end of the wilderness" etc. Sisters also announced on December 17th "O Come, All Ye Faithful (Son of God tonight) "up tempo richly in the range, even singing in a cappella while humming. On December 23rd I tried the bird of "Christmas from 1 piece" at Tsukuba Center. The song was "Hallelujah Chorus & Joy To The World". I will give all glory to the Lord!

■11月19日(日)~ Harvest Thanksgiving Worship: Daisuke Yokoyama Special Concert( NEW!!)■

Autumn also deepened and celebrated the grace of gratitude and harvest of gratitude of the year for this year. Everyone brought vegetables and fruits and decorated the pulpit. Also on this day, Daisuke Yokoyama, a gospel singer belonging to the Cumberland Presbyterian Christian Church "Taka Kocha" (a church in Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture) visited and performed a gospel concert. "Jesus" which was just released on October 31, 2017 also praised songs such as Gloria. Thank you to God for being a time of good grace.

■10月09日(月)~Autumn love sports festival( NEW!!)■

The sports day has held the annual love sports festival every year. I borrowed Yatabe Gymnasium and enjoyed all my brothers and sisters. While enjoying simple title "Borrower Competition" while enjoying the rules while enjoying it. In table tennis, while holding a shake while doing a smash and a horizontal rotation serve, super bowls overflowing with basketball decided layoff shoot overflowed. Last was like the athletes dreaming of the Tokyo Olympics and had a battle path battle in the take over zone and greeted the great circle group. Lunch is grateful for my sisters to prepare hard. I thank the Lord who gave a nice holiday.

■10月01日(日)Welcome to Tsukuba! Welcome worship&10月8日(日)Special visit from the United States to the pastor( NEW!!)■

We welcomed those who newly moved to Tsukuba city as we greeted the autumn, and it was very exciting for events such as introducing Tsukuba with quizzes. To the correct answer of the quiz was distributed a delicious small cute semi-mature pudding like Cote d'Azur. The dance team Joyful "ALL ABOUT YOU "(Israel Horton AND CINDY CRUSE RATCLIFFE). I appreciate the Lord for a fun time. Also the Gospel Knight has become new from the 3 worship service this week. That name is NEW GOSPEL NIGHT! On October 8th we invited our teacher from America to have a special rally. We can pray together and thank the Lord for grace.

■2017年9月24日~Dispatch worship & marriage celebration(NEW!!)■

As a secretary became married, it was sent to another church and dispatching worship was carried out. A cake entrance sword was also held, and all were covered with joy. I will miss a bit, but I believe that even though the body is far away, it is one in God. I pray for happiness of the Lord ahead of time

■2017年9月18日~Youth Leader Retreat(NEW!!)■

Senior Citizen 's Day is a youth leader and I've been playing in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture. I went to "Tokyo Bay Aqualine Umihotaru" and "Ryu Miyagi Spa Hotel Crescent (Mikazuki)" in Tokyo Bay. There was no heavy traffic, no congestion, no parking congestion · Wind speed did not exceed 15 m and it became a good vacation. I enjoyed the pool and spa while eating Viking gourmet for lunch. U turning from Kisarazu while watching the night view as a sideways eat, I ate dinner at Kyoto Kitashirakawa Ramen Okiakiya (Kaikiriki) and came back to Tsukuba. I appreciate having the time of good sharing.

■2017年8月30日~Summer Bible Camp(NEW!!)■

The summer Bible Camp Costa was held. The place is Hadano City, Kanagawa Prefecture (Hadano), it was a calm place surrounded by mountains. I stayed overnight at the nearby campsite Takizawa Garden (Takizawa-en) -sama bungalow. The theme was the vocation of the priest of the new era and vocation. There was prayer, praise and the three days of two nights of the grace of sharing. The Tsukuba church also made a contribution from the Soran section. I believe in the services and prayers I have devoted to the Lord, that I am delighted and appreciated.

■2017年8月6日 Summer baptismal ceremony & small mobile bookstore "Language of life"(NEW!!)■

There was a baptism ceremony & sacrament ceremony for one sister and one infant. Please pray for us to be a start of a new life full of love overflowing with joy in the Lord Jesus always full of appreciation. On the same day, "Language of Life" visited us and opened a small mobile bookstore all day. The saints picked up the books of faith and looked at them fairly and purchased happily. I thank the Lord.

■2017年7月17日(日) Sea Day Picnic(NEW!!)■

We went to "Ootake Coast Hokota Beach" at the seaside. Everyone liked "Water Balloon Catch", "Gesture Message Game", "It's Summer So Mr. Nen's Falled" and so on. After eating, I played with a body board in the sea, and a large floating ring. After that, in order to heal the tired body, we stopped by a nearby hot spring "Tappu san oya". I appreciate God for giving us a good fellowship time and a holiday.

■2017年5月07日(日)~ Trampoline Completion Ceremony & Tape Cut(NEW!!)■

A trampoline facility for children was made on the roof of the church. After Sunday school worship, we offered to let the children move up full of body and grow up healthily. We also had a wooden fence for children's safety and was able to set up. A completion ceremony was held on this day, a lavish meal was prepared by the ladies' department and a dinner party was held on the rooftop. Also tape cutting was done, scissors cut the ribbon and applause and cheers came. Please pray for the future of each child to be full of hope!。

■2017年2月28日(日)youth bible winter camp(NEW!!)■

Young people from all over the country gathered at the foot of Mount Fuji. Although it has not yet opened in the mountains, it did not climb up and take a dream or drink spring in a good view, but I participate in the annual winter bible camp every year to see true light · true spring water I reconfirmed what it is. The darkness of the mind will be melted in Christ so that Fuji's year-round snow melts suddenly. Everyone dedicated messages, prayers, praise · gospel. In addition, there were also games and holy plays based on the Bible. A dance team from the Tsukuba church prepared specially for this day and devoted himself to the Lord. Everyone was a wonderful expression power. It was a nice 2 nights 3 days.

■2017年1月27日,29日(日) Special Friday worship & Word recitation recitation festival(NEW!!)■

Last Friday night prayer meeting this week, we invited Dr. Ising Pastor from the Protestant church in Korea and had time for special meetings. There was a word recitation meeting on Sunday. The words of the Bible saves us and encourages us. By deciding a realistic period and learning little by little, the word strength will surely increase. No jackase without hook! While working with love, right brain and spirituality, the subject was qualified from general common sense level to considerable challenge with ultrafast fast pushing without Bible verses without thinking time. There was also a recollection in complete round memorization, a triple choice problem, and a question to have a simple picture written. Prizes were gift certificates of Mr. Han Ali of Costa Cake and Yogurt, Tsukuba City Tenkubo (Hirasaki lodging / Oi Yue lodging house), of Costco Tsukuba warehouse store offered by the school's forest 2 chome. It was filled with the words of the Bible and it became more time to know more about Jesus' love and salvation.

■2017年1月9日(月) Luxury resort "Mount Jeans Nasu" New Year culture exploration(NEW!!)■

I enjoyed day trip skiing at the luxury resort "Nakasu Nasu" in the northeastern part of Tochigi prefecture (Nasu Town). As the season is over, snow snow is also sufficient, snow quality is stable, the altitude exceeds 1000 m, the maximum slope is near 30 degrees The tourists slide greatly! . At the entrance to the slopes, there was one alpaca famous as a high class material on the slopes. It seems that it seems good for women's sweaters and mufflers, men 's coats, vests, pretty knits and ponchos, cardigans and stoles. It seems that they have traveled from "Alpaca ranch (Nasu Big Farm)". In the afternoon I entered the source "Nasuyama (Nasuzan)". Although it can not be said that it is a magnificent scenery, it is cool with a deck while watching the view of the courtyard from the outdoor bath with a tower, it tastes the color and warmth of the Japanese cypress (hinoki), elegance, and the bath " I enjoyed the princess who came to the castle at Nasu Heartland.

■2017年1月1日(日)「 New Year's Day celebration worship」(NEW!!)■

"The total of the year is in Christ of New Year's Day! Thank you again this year. The church is open from 1 January. It will be safe because it will not fall asleep. New Year's celebration worship is overflowing with the beginning greetings such as Shin Neng Wila and Sejo Bonmani Padoo Seyo, tightening the belt, eating a rice cake soup like a mizuno with a smile of the sister who is in a sleepwear sleeve, after a meal the usual arm wrestling There was a competition. Although it will not be the strongest Japan champion in the world, while feeling pain and pain in the shoulder, arm, wrist, upper arm and elbow, make a form with a calm attitude, go with a hook (hook), or a bite While simulating like a practice of a bat's swing in the head as if going by hand (top roll), as well as saying that arm wrestling is not a technique, in the cheers of brothers and sisters, with the love of the Lord I was told.After that the Bible Karuta tournament was held. We arranged "arranging / arranging" equally with reference to the competition of professional game karuta (master race / Queen game). At the same time as reading the first letter of the ticket (intonation is important), I did not do anything wrong, I looked at the place of the bidding memorized in advance with a pair of one sword and removed the ticket to my side.

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