Sunday School

Dear parents

Sunday morning is a good time for children to worship, pray and study the Bible at church.

Our weekly Sunday school is designed to offer insight into God’s Word that will be applicable for children, and we are nurturing them to grow in faith in Jesus Christ, to share God’s love to their families and friends, and to become stronger and better able to overcome life’s challenges.

Wonderful activities are available for children such as summer or winter camp, gospel concert and various fun games. They also have chances to perform on Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Children’s Day. And of course their memorable birthday celebrations.

We warmly welcome you and your children to our Sunday school, and we pray that you can find a place for laying strong faith foundation, a place for obtaining love, peace and happiness, and a place for a true friendship in the Christ.

TIME Remarks
Sunday School
└Kids worship (from infant to 3rd grade)
└Youth Worship (4th grade ~ high school)
10:00 a.m.~ 0 ~ 17 years
Kids English class 10:00 a.m.~ 3~6 years old
Kids English class 2 13:30 a.m.~ 7 years old~

Kids English

Fun English classes are available for children to acquire the skills and confidence necessary to communicate in English.

Compassionate teachers who are foreign graduate students, researchers and specialists with bilingual or trilingual proficiencies teach English to children in a warm, friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Children also may learn about different fascinating cultures and traditions around the world. Please feel free to join us!

Play with us

After Sunday school and English class, you are welcome to enjoy delicious lunch together with church members. Also, children can play trampoline on the roof level of the church building. Please come and visit us!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on phone number or email address below. We would be happy to provide more information or details, and looking forward to seeing you!